Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Ashley Furniture’s Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Why Choose Ashley Furniture for Bed Assistance?

Ashley Furniture is a home furnishing retail company, started in 1945 with an inaugural store in Arcadia, Wisconsin. With over 900 locations across the United States and Canada, Ashley Furniture has become the leading furniture retailer in North America. With its mission to help make homes more beautiful, Ashley Furniture has become a pillar in the home furnishing industry.

Ashley Furniture has established a free Bed Assistance Program in 2022 to provide financial relief to qualifying households across the country. This initiative is intended to help improve the sleep of Americans, and to reduce any financial burden associated with purchasing mattresses or beds.

What to Expect from the Bed Assistance Program?

To qualify for the Bed Assistance Program, applicants must meet certain requirements. Program benefits and requirements can vary according to each region’s availability. To find out more information about regional benefits, contact your local Ashley Furniture store.

The Bed Assistance Program provides qualifying households with a voucher that can be used to purchase beds or mattresses at participating Ashley Furniture stores. Vouchers may also be used towards bedding accessories such as sheets, pillows, and comforters.

Vouchers are limited and available on a first-come, first served basis.

How to Apply for the Bed Assistance Program?

Applications for the Bed Assistance Program can be completed online or by visiting your local Ashley Furniture store. Click here to access the online application. Applications are reviewed and processed on a rolling basis.

Applicants will receive a response within 24 hours of their application being submitted. If approved, applicants will receive their voucher with instructions on how to redeem the voucher at a participating Ashley Furniture store. Payment must be completed before the voucher is issued.


For more information about Ashley Furniture’s Bed Assistance Program, visit here

To find a local Ashley Furniture store, visit here

Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Providing Bed Assistance to Those in Need

Ashley Furniture is proud to announce a commitment of providing bed sets to those in need in 2021. Through its Free Bed Assistance Program, Ashley Furniture is looking to partner with like-minded organizations to help meet the basic needs of individuals living in communities across the country.

Program Objectives and Goals

The primary goals of this program are to provide beds to those in need and to help spread awareness and empower communities to take a stand against inadequate living conditions. To achieve this, Ashley Furniture is looking to partner with local charities, government organizations, and non-profits that provide services which promote resource accessibility and improved shelter solutions.

Supporting Different Types of Assistance

The Free Bed Assistance Program will provide the necessary resources to those in need. This could include, but is not limited to, the provision of mattresses, bedding, and furniture pieces, including upholstered beds, bunk beds, daybeds, and adjustable beds. This program does not limit its support to providing beds, but can extend to include furniture donation, moving assistance, home cleaning, and more.

Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations

Ashley Furniture is committed to working closely with charities and other non-profit organizations to help bring assistance to those who are in need. The company is actively looking for partnerships with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to providing shelter solutions for those who need it most. By partnering with such organizations, Ashley Furniture will be able to extend its reach and provide additional support for those in need living in communities across the country.

Contact Information

If your organization is interested in learning more about the Free Bed Assistance Program and potential partnerships with Ashley Furniture, please contact us at [email].

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  • Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program


    Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Families in Need


    The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is a unique program designed to help families in need gain access to beds, mattresses, and other bedroom furniture. The Company’s mission is to “Make Comfort and Style Affordable for Everyone.” Through the program, Ashley Furniture will provide beds and furniture to qualified families at no cost. The program is available in select markets and is set to roll out in 2022.


    The Need for Better Bed Accessibility

    Many families, including those living with low to moderate incomes, lack necessary access to beds and bedroom furniture. This can have a significant impact on the educational and individual growth of the students. Many are forced to sleep on the floor or even in makeshift beds, a problem that Ashley Furniture is looking to address.


    Program Eligibility Requirements

    To qualify for the bed assistance program, families will need to meet the income, residence, and other criteria set by Ashley Furniture. The exact requirements are still being determined.


    Bed Distribution Process

    The beds will be sold through Ashley Furniture’s participating retail stores. Once the beds have been approved and placed in the homes, an Ashley Furniture designer will install the beds and mattresses. Ashley Furniture representatives will also be available to provide guidance throughout the process.


    How to Get Involved

    If you are interested in supporting the Ashley Furniture bed assistance program or would like more information, please visit .


    Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

    Overview of Program

    Ashley Furniture is pleased to announce its Free Bed Assistance Program for 2022. This program will provide free mattresses and box springs to low-income families in need of improved sleeping arrangements. As part of the 2021-2022 initiative, eligible households can receive beds between the months of June and December 2022.


    To be eligible for the Free Bed Assistance Program, household income must be at or below the poverty threshold. Government issued photo identification and valid proof of residency is also required for each adult in the household. Those participating in the program will also be asked to complete a short application.

    What Is Covered

    Each eligible house hold will receive one mattress and box spring per household. Larger families may be eligible for additional beds, however mattress and box springs will not exceed two per household. A variety of sizes and models will be available, however, preferences will not be accommodated.

    How to Participate

    To participate in this program, those interested should attend an orientation session at their local Ashley Furniture store. During the orientation, program eligibility and other requirements will be discussed. Those meeting the eligibility requirements will receive a voucher for a free mattress and box spring.

    Additional Resources

    For additional information about the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program, contact your local Ashley Furniture store, or visit their website at

    Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

    Providing New Beds to Families in Need

    The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022 promises to bring beds to those in need. At Ashley Furniture, we understand that access to comfortable, affordable beds is essential for any family. That’s why we’ve committed to ensuring that all qualifying households have access to a good night’s sleep.

    Who is Eligible for Bed Assistance?

    This program helps low-income families in need of a bed. Anyone living in a household that is below the 200% poverty line is eligible for bed assistance.

    What Types of Beds Are Available?

    As part of the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program, qualifying households can choose from either a twin, full, or queen size mattresses and box spring sets, with sheets and pillowcases. All beds come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    How to Apply for Assistance

    To apply and receive assistance from the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022, applicants must complete the online application form found on the Ashley Furniture website.

    Additional Resources

    For more information about the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022, contact your local Ashley Furniture store, or visit the Ashley Furniture website at

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