Free Gas And Electric Vouchers Utilita

Utilita: Get FREE Gas and Electric Vouchers

What Are Utilita’s FREE Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Utilita is an energy provider that has an innovative way of helping low-income households, struggling with the costs of utility bills. Its FREE Gas and Electric Vouchers are part of the Utilita Warm Home Discount scheme, designed to support those who are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic crisis.

Who Is Eligible?

If you are a low-income household in England, Scotland or Wales that struggles to pay your gas or electric bills, you may be eligible for Utilita’s FREE Gas and Electric Vouchers. To qualify, you must be on benefits or on a low income.

How Much Are the Vouchers Worth?

The vouchers cover up to £60 off your next gas or electric bill. The amount you receive will depend on your income and usage.

How Do I Claim a Voucher?

If you are eligible, you will need to fill out an online form with your details to claim your voucher. Once your application is approved, you will get an email with your voucher.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Utilita’s FREE Gas and Electric Vouchers are available until 31st March 2021. So don’t miss the chance to get some help with your costs.


What are Free Gas and Electric Vouchers Utilita?

What are the Benefits?

Utilita is a program that provides free vouchers to low-income households that need help in paying for their gas and electricity. These vouchers are available to people in England and Scotland. They are funded by energy companies, as well as the government, to help alleviate the financial burden on those in need.

The vouchers can be used to pay for energy bills at no cost or to receive a discount on energy charges. This can help keep people warm during the cold winter months and reduce energy consumption. Utilita can be used to pay for both electricity and gas bills, and the vouchers have no expiry date.

What is the Process for Obtaining Vouchers?

To qualify for Utilita vouchers, you must meet certain criteria. Eligibility requirements can include eligibility for certain welfare benefits, having a low household income, or living in fuel poverty. The application process can involve calling the Utilita team or visiting their website to fill out an application.

What Do I Need to Provide to Apply?

When applying for Utilita vouchers, you will need to provide certain information, such as your name, address, and bank details. You will also need to provide proof of your eligibility for the program, which could include income-related benefits or proof that you are in fuel poverty. You may also be asked to provide other evidence that proves your income or household circumstance.

How Long Do Vouchers Last?

The vouchers that you receive from Utilita have no expiry date. This means that they can be used as many times as needed to help reduce energy bills until there is no longer a need for them. The vouchers can only be used to pay for gas and electricity and can only be used at approved providers.

Finding Resources

If you need more information regarding the Utilita free gas and electric voucher program, you can visit their website or call their freephone line. You can also visit Your Energy UK for more information on how to get help with energy bills.


Utilita: Free Gas And Electric Vouchers

What is Utilita?

Utilita is a UK-based energy supplier which provides customers with free Gas and Electric vouchers. Established in the year 2002, Utilita is focused on helping customers to save money on their energy bills. The company offers a range of tariffs, including some of the cheapest on the market, as well as a host of additional services.

Utilita Vouchers

Utilita offers customers vouchers to reduce their monthly energy bill. Vouchers can range from £20 to £200, and can be used towards both gas and electricity bills. Customers can apply for the voucher online and enter their details to receive the voucher. Once the voucher is received, customers will receive an email with a code that they can input to their Utilita account to receive the discount.

Who Can Claim Utilita Vouchers?

Utilita vouchers are only available to existing customers. To be eligible, customers must be receiving their energy from Utilita for a period of at least 12 months, and must be claiming benefits that are outlined on the Utilita website, such as Universal Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, or the Disabled Facilities Grant.

How To Claim Utilita Vouchers

Utilita has a straightforward process for customers to apply for their vouchers. In order to claim a voucher, customers should:

Visit the Utilita website

The first step is to register an account with Utilita. This can be done online, and customers should provide basic details such as name, address, email address and so on.

Provide Evidence of Benefits

Customers must provide evidence of the benefits they are claiming. This can be done online or via post, depending on which benefits are being claimed.

Receive The Voucher Code

Once the application has been processed, customers will receive their voucher code in the post. They can then enter this code into their Utilita account to start saving on their energy bills.


Free Gas and Electric Vouchers Utilita

What is Utilita?

Utilita is an energy company in the United Kingdom that specializes in providing gas and electricity to consumers. It is one of the fastest-growing energy companies in the country and offers competitive prices and several additional services, like prepaid plans and unique Smart plans. Utilita also offers rewards and free vouchers for customers.

Why Choose Utilita?

Utilita is a great option for consumers looking for an energy supplier that provides excellent customer service and a great selection of energy plans. Utilita’s prepaid plan is one of the best deals available, making it great for those who want to manage their budget more efficiently. The company also features great rewards and regular discounts.

What are Utilita’s Free Vouchers?

Utilita offers free gas or electricity vouchers to its customers. These are unique vouchers code that can be redeemed against your account. The vouchers can be used for payment of your energy bills or to purchase goods or services from select retailers.

How to Redeem Utilita’s Free Vouchers?

Redeeming Utilita’s free vouchers is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is copy your voucher code and visit the Utilita website. Then, fill in the details of your energy account and enter the code. Your voucher will be applied to your energy account and the amount will be deducted from your next bill.

Where Can I Use Utilita Vouchers?

Utilita vouchers can be used to buy goods or services from merchants that accept Utilita prepaid plans. These merchants include some of the top UK retailers including Argos, Currys, and Peter Jones.

Terms and Conditions to Consider

Utilita’s rewards and vouchers come with certain terms and conditions that customers need to consider. Vouchers are only valid for a certain period of time and must be used before the expiration date. Additionally, these vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or used in conjunction with any other promotions.


Utilita is a great choice for those looking for a reliable energy supplier. The company offers competitive prices, excellent customer service, and several unique energy plans. Furthermore, Utilita provides great benefits and rewards as a result of being a customer, including free gas and electricity vouchers.


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Learn How to Get Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from Utilita

What is Utilita?

Utilita is the UK’s leading smart energy company. Utilita provides exclusive gas and electric deals to their customers and have many ways you can save money on your energy bills. One of the most popular ways to save is through their free gas and electric vouchers.

What are Utilita’s Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Utilita’s free gas and electric vouchers are a form of cashback or reward given to their customers for referring their friends to join them with their energy supply. When a new customer joins Utilita they are rewarded with a free gas and electric voucher worth up to £100. These vouchers can be redeemed for a range of rewards including discounts on energy bills, Amazon Instant Gift cards or cash back.

How to Get Utilita’s Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Utilita rewards its customers for referring new customers to the company. When a new customer signs up with your personalized referral link you will receive a free gas and electric voucher worth up to £100. This can be used to save you money on your energy bills or redeemed for a range of rewards.

Where to Find Utilita’s Referral Link?

Utilita’s referral link can be found on their website, in your online account or in the mobile app. When you log in to your account, you’ll see a section labelled ‘Refer a Friend.’ From here you can generate and share your personalized referral link and start earning vouchers.

How to Redeem Utilita’s Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Once you have earned free gas and electric vouchers from referring your friends to Utilita, you can redeem them for a range of rewards. This includes discounts on your energy bills or a gift card from Amazon. You can also redeem your vouchers for cashback.


Utilita is a great energy company with fantastic ways to save money on your energy bills. Their free gas and electric vouchers are a fantastic way to save money and get some rewards while you’re at it. You can get these vouchers by referring your friends to Utilita with your personalized referral link. Once you’ve earned some vouchers you can then redeem them for discounts, gift cards or cashback.


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