Furniture Assistance For Low Income Families

Furniture Assistance for Low Income Families


Accessibility of Programs

Finding low-cost furniture assistance can be a difficult task for low income families. Most programs require applicants to meet certain criteria such as income, geographic location and disability status. Programs offered by local non-profits or government initiatives may vary considerably.

It is important to research the available resources in your local area. Information about furniture assistance programs in your area can be found on the Internet, local newspapers and HUD offices.


Recycled Furniture Assistance

Many agencies offer recycled furniture assistance. Although this type of assistance does not require any additional funds, some of the furniture may need to be refurbished or repaired. Recycled furniture is often donated from other individuals, so research should be conducted to verify the furnishings are free from any potentially hazardous materials.


Financial Assistance for Furnishings

In addition to recycled furniture assistance, low income families may also be eligible for a number of financial assistance programs. These programs provide funds for the purchase of new furniture, so these families can start fresh with no worries about the condition of the furnishings.


Service Organizations

Service organizations such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity may also offer furniture assistance for low income families. These organizations accept donations from members of the community and provide furniture assistance programs for those in need.


In-Home Furnishing Services

Some organizations also offer in-home furnishing services. This type of assistance is typically provided to families in certain geographic areas. These agencies provide furniture to those in need and may also offer other services such as delivery, assembly and even design consultations.



-Salvation Army:

-Habitat for Humanity:

-U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Furniture Assistance For Low Income Families

The Need for Affordable Furniture

Low-income families often struggle to purchase much-needed furniture items. This can create an unnecessary stress for individuals who cannot afford the costs of a mattress, bedroom set, sofa, or any other furniture item desired. Without access to stable, affordable furniture, low-income families may go without basic necessities that are taken for granted in a financially prosperous home.

Federal and State Assistance

The federal government, through the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs, can offer low-income families financial assistance to help cover the cost of furniture. Federal funds are also often allocated to charitable organizations that can provide furniture assistance. Additionally, individuals may find specific state-level furniture programs that are geared towards providing low-income households with much-needed items.

Grants and Loans

Several public and private grants may be available to low-income families for the purchase of much-needed furniture. Furthermore, there may be organizations that offer loans that can assist families in acquiring long-term furniture items.

Re-Use Programs

Household re-use programs provide a cost-effective option for families that are looking to furnish their homes. These non-profits supply free, good-quality furniture that is donated by local businesses, churches, and individuals.

Furniture Banks

Furniture banks offer a unique service that provides free furniture to families in need. In many cases, these non-profits will pick up donations of furniture and give it away to those with low income.

Other Options for Low-Income Families

Low-income families can often access free furniture from thrift stores, discount and outlet stores, and other alternative resources. Additionally, families may be able to find furniture items at auctions, estate sales, or from family or friends.


Furniture assistance is available for low-income households. With the help of grants, re-use programs, furniture banks, public and private funding, and other sources, families may be able to access the furniture they need to make their homes more comfortable.


Furniture Assistance for Low Income Families

Available Programs

Many organizations and charities offer financial assistance and furniture donations for individuals and families who are struggling economically. One great place to start exploring your options is through, which can provide you with a list of available programs, how to apply, and even connect you with volunteers who will provide free delivery services.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is one of the largest furniture assistance organizations for those in need. They offer furniture donations that can be used as long-term support. They accept donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations. To apply for furniture assistance, you can contact a local chapter near you.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is another great organization that offers furniture assistance services. They accept both new and gently used furniture donations, as well as cash donations. Your local Salvation Army may make furniture available to those in need or arrange for pickup and delivery of donations. You can contact your local Salvation Army to learn more about their furniture assistance program.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a nonprofit organization that partners with local businesses and organizations to offer discounted furniture and home goods. They accept furniture donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. You can also shop in person or online and get quality, gently used furniture.

Local Charities

You may also be able to access furniture assistance through local charities. Contact your local church or community organization to see if they offer assistance programs for individuals or families who are struggling economically. You can also search online for local charities that offer furniture donations.

Social Services Programs

If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may also be eligible for assistance or benefits from the government through social services programs. These programs can provide furniture assistance and even free home delivery. Contact your local social services agency to see what assistance is available in your area.

Furniture Grants

Furniture grants are also available to low-income families and individuals. These grants provide financial assistance to help purchase furniture or household goods. There are also organizations that offer furniture grants specifically for individuals or families who are homeless or living in poverty.


St. Vincent de Paul

The Salvation Army

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Furniture Assistance For Low Income Families


Low-income families often struggle to furnish their households. With limited access to resources, these families may face greater risks of poverty. Fortunately, various organizations provide furniture assistance for low-income families to help them establish and maintain their homes.

Types of Programs

There are several programs that provide furniture assistance for low-income families. Some of these include:

1. Furniture Banks

Furniture banks provide gently used furniture items to families in need at a low cost. These furniture staples can be anything from beds and couches to kitchen sets and desks. Families select the items they need for their household and the furniture banks rely on donations to keep their inventory stocked.

2. Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations such as churches and non-profits often offer furniture assistance for low-income families. Furniture donations may be available free of charge to those in need. Charitable organizations may reach out to members of the community who are willing to donate furniture pieces.

3. Federal Assistance Programs

Federal assistance programs are available to low-income families, including those receiving public assistance or housing assistance. Programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can help provide adequate furniture items. Eligible families may also receive grants or housing vouchers through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

How to Apply

To apply for furniture assistance for low-income families, contact the local furniture bank, charitable organization, or federal assistance program for more information. Typically, individuals need to apply and provide proof of low-income status in order to qualify for programs and receive benefits.


Furniture Assistance For Low Income Families

Overview of Furniture Assistance Programs

Low income families may be entitled to assistance with the purchase of furniture, depending on the individual state. To find out which organizations provide furniture assistance, people should contact their local Area Agency on Aging, Department of Social Services, or Health and Human Services office. Each state has its own regulations regarding what types of assistance people may be eligible to receive and what items may be covered.

Qualifications For Furniture Assistance

In order to be eligible for furniture assistance, low-income individuals must meet the requirements of the state in which they live. Generally these requirements include proof of income, proof of residence, and proof of need. Some states may also require a credit check, background check, or other forms of personal information in order to be eligible for assistance.

Types of Furniture Assistance

Furniture assistance can be provided in various ways. Some organizations may provide free furniture, while others may provide discounted furniture. Some organizations may offer assistance in the form of vouchers or financial assistance toward the purchase of furniture. People should contact their local agency to find out what options are available to them.

Where To Obtain Assistance

There are a variety of organizations and nonprofits that provide furniture assistance to low-income individuals. These organizations include local churches, charities, and community centers. People should contact their local Department of Social Services for a list of resources in their area.


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